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General Questions

What is Smart Search?

Why do I have to connect the receiver to a telephone line?

How do I order Pay Per Views, special events, or other programming services from DIRECTV?

Is there a way to have Parental Controls and to limit Pay per View and special events purchases?

What are the advantages of a satellite transmission?

What should I do if I need technical assistance?

Does DIRECTV broadcast local Emergency Alert System messages?


What’s DIRECTV Plus DVR?

How do I subscribe?

How do recordings work?

Can I set recordings for future airings?

How can you record your favorite show if you are not home?

What happens if I try to record programming not included in my package?

Can I watch a show while recording another one?

How do I watch my recorded shows?

Which receivers can be used for DIRECTV Plus™ DVR?

DVR Scheduler

What is DVR Scheduler?

How does it work?

Is there online information of how to use the DVR Scheduler?

How do I know a show is being properly recorded?

If I have DIRECTV Mix, can I use DVR Scheduler?

Can I record a show that is not included on my programming package?

Can I record a show at the same time as one previously scheduled?

Can I record a show that’s already started?

If I have more than one DIRECTV Plus™ or DIRECTV Plus™ HD receivers, how do I know which is the xxx-12154?

Equipment Questions

What should I do if my remote control does not work?

Are you having problems with the image and audio?

What should I do if I need technical assistance?

Common Messages

Common messages that appear on the screen


Monthly Billing Cycle

First Billing

Payment Methods

Others Payment Methods

Your invoice at a glance

Making your Payment

What should I do if I need technical assistance?

How to troubleshoot issues with closed captioning


Possible causes