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DIRECTV decoders are designed to give you the most convenient and flexible source of entertainment. With DIRECTV DVR Plus technology, you can start to watch a recorded program on a TV, stop, and continue watching it on another TV in the house.

Our decoders fit your needs, since our models are ready to transmit HD signal, once you subscribe to DIRECTV HD. We offer 100% digital technology of the highest quality in order for you to enjoy a unique television experience.

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Comparison Chart:

Main Functions
Download our new receivers' handbooks
100% Digital picture and sound quality
On-screen programming guide
Parental block by time, age and channel
Search your favorite programming by name, channel and keyword
Change of audio language and subtitles
Transmission in widescreen 16:9 format
Universal remote control, friendly and easy to use
Picture quality with 8 times the detail superior to cable
Dolby Digital 5.1 Sorround Sound
Record, stop and rewind content in HD and SD
Record 2 shows while watching one that is already recorded
DVR Scheduler™: Record favorite shows using your PC or mobile phone
DIRECTV DVR Plus: Watch and share content from any TV in the house connected to the network
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DIRECTV Service Plan

This exclusive DIRECTV service covers any mishap, imperfection or malfunction of any DIRECTV receiver or remote control, as well as moving your hardware to another home, including the antenna.

To apply for the DIRECTV Service Plan, contact us at 787-776- 5252 or write to us at